Location – Winecountry in Piedmont – Asti, Langhe

Piemonte means “below the mountain”

Location – Winecountry in Piedmont – Asti, Langhe


Piemonte means “below the mountain”.

The Villa is situated in the province of Asti, near the spa town and health resort Acqui Terme.

Piemont is the second largest region in Italy and is probably best known for the production of its fantastic wine and food.

For that reason the region is often called the larder of Europe.

Piemonte is still undiscovered by the mass tourism, contrary to many of the other Italian regions, and this creates a fantastic authentic feeling. You will meet winegrowers and small local restaurants in brotherly harmony.

The climate is mild and generally very much like the Mediterranean.

The winters are short and the temperature rarely drops below the freezing point.

Spring and autumn are long and mild, while the summer is dry and warm.

The charm of the region is primarily due to the beautiful mountains, the small unspoiled mountain villages, and last but not least the fertile vineyards and orchards.

Winding country roads connect these old towns and villages.

5 minutes to nearest town (Roccaverano) – 25 minutes to Acqui Terme – 55 minutes to the coast (Savona) – 40 minutes to Barolo and Alba – 90 minutes to nearest skiresort – 110 minutes to Milano – 90 minutes to Turin.